Why property selling with CCC is your best choice?


  • Market knowledge and personal counselling

CCC is active in the events of the property market every day and regularly analyses the current tendencies, so as to ensure that the best advice is tendered.

  • Professional Offer Preparation

Accurate information in a professional brochure is the prerequisite for an authoritative offer.

  • CCC's Document Examination

Nowadays, an indispensable condition for the successful sale of your property on Mallorca is a review of all the relevant documents. A property with the documentation in order has better chances of getting sold. The experts at CCC will help you care up any points.

  • "Casa-Tuning"©

For value stabilisation and enhancement of the appearance, CCC carries out an inspection of your property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Any weak spots and sale impediments are identified and the potential for a sales price increase can be identified.

  • Quality in every respect

Not only in offer preparation CCC sets high standards for themselves, even in terms of communication: You will be personally in touch with the person in charge of your sale who will always be ready to listen to your concerns and wishes. CCC informs you regularly about all activities.

  • Commitment and sales success

Because of our commitment and great sales success CCC is one of the leading estate agents in Mallorca with appropriate awareness: If real estate, then CCC!

  • Marketing concept

Tailored to the property, target group oriented marketing. An imaginative range of marketing activities (marketing mix). And the CCC network with many contacts. This ensures that your offer encountered with a number of prospective buyers at attention.

Your property deserves to be professionally marketed as it is unique! With the CCC Best Price Strategy, you have many advantages selling your exclusive property. How the
CCC Best Price Strategy works for your property, we explain to you in a personal, non-binding discussion.


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