Energy Performance Certificate

Client information - Guest article of Dominic Knebel / Arquitecto Técnico (PM01536)


April the 5th 2013: Spain approved a new law regulating the Energy Performance in existing buildings (RD 235/2013). Since the 1st of June 2013 all buildings, or parts of them, who are going to be rented or sold, must have an Energy Performance Certificate.

This certificate will qualify the building with a letter; from A – very low CO2 emissions, till G – very high CO2 emissions. This new way to classify buildings will give a lot of new ways to compare them to each other and help future customers choosing the most efficient one.

All real estate agencies have the obligation to show the rate and certificate number already by their property advertisements.

The property owner has he obligation to order and save the certificate properly. Besides, all certificates must be registered at the Balearic Energy and Industry Department (Dirección General de Industría y Energía) and it has a validity of ten years maximum. Furthermore, the owner has the obligation to renew it, if there were made important reforms at the building, which could change the energy performance.

As a Technical Architect and an expert in Energy Performance Certificating, my job focuses on working out these types of certificates for existing buildings.

If we take a look on the official statistics, we will see that our buildings consume about the 40% of all the energy we produce in the European Union. So, the energy efficeicy ist turning more and more into an economic necessity for all of us.

In order to improve these facts, the certificate will be always given out with some improvement measures by the technical. In this way, the building will improve in efficiency, waste less energy and most importantly, the customer will save money.


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