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The aforementioned property categories describe the main points and may not cover all entireties. A property type may be overed by several headings.


In general linguistic usage a “Finca” is a house in the country. If you like the have a piece of land of minimum 7.000 sqm or more a Finca is perfect for you. With the plot size there are nearly no limits. And the next neighbour is far away! Surrounded by nature with lemon-, orange-, almond- and fig-trees, with or without sea view, there are the most gorgeous real estates behind inconsiderable dirt roads. There you can find a rest for your soul, perfect for people who need a place to calm down. If you like a finca puristic modern, classical, or typical Majorcan style with a stone facade, everything is possible. With all technical facilities with pool as well as back to the roots in the simple way of Majorcan life - everybody can find his Finca!


A villa means a detached house often with a granny-flat. In most cases a villa is in a developed residential area. It is also called “urbanization”. The plots have in between 500 to 2.000 sqm and are more tightly arranged. The ambient housing development areas give a feeling of protection. There are villas with and without sea view, most of them have an own pool and garden. You are your own master in your house and you decide if and what to do and to modernize. It’s perfect for families and families with several generations.
Every style can be found, modern to rustic style, puristic to fanciful. A good opportunity we see in buying a villa of older age. With a refurbishment you can give “new life” to the property, just as you like and with a great potential for appreciation value.

Semi-detached house

It should be a house with a part of a garden and small plot?  You what to spend your time to rest and relax? Arrive, unlock the door and enjoy. There are specialists for keeping the garden green and the pool clear and you only have to pay a part of all costs. You love to have neighbours all around and like BBQs on the spur of the moment. Normally semi-detached houses are centrally located in mixed areas. Short ways to the beach, to the doctor, to the restaurants or for the youngsters to the discotheque are possible.


A typical Majorcan townhouse connects the practical components with the individual ones. It offers a lot of living space partly with historical highlights. Sometimes hidden, behind unadorned facades you can find reconstructed gems. Also there are townhouses with a natural stone façade, romantic patios and thick walls which will tell stories of the past and convey a feeling of: “my home is my castle”. In the category sometimes you can also find houses with sea view and a pool. Often you can see an artful constructional smashing performance. Meanwhile there are townhouses which are modern up to puristic, packed in a historical facade. It’s the perfect property for lovers of the individual. Here are also offers which combine the category of townhouse and apartment.


Arrive and enjoy: holidays from the first moment.  A caretaker looks after the garden and the pool. You can relax; have breakfast on your balcony. Doesn´t matter if you are an early or a late riser. Everything is there; you can feel at home but on holidays. Enjoy the ummer, sun, beach and the sea.  At the day of departure just lock the door. There are offers in different prices- for every budget, the property that fits, a practical Spanish holiday apartment without any frippery and cheap in maintenance or a superior apartment with all the goodies to stay longer.


For people who want to build on their own, just as they like. There are differences between plots in a residential area (urbanization) or Finca plots (in the countryside). In this category It must be pointed out that there are different building sector standards.


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