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What makes a good property agent?

You may already have seen our logo on a real-estate agents' Website, or maybe on their office wall: With a stylised image of the globe, the Bellevue name, and the words “Best Property Agents”. Whether featured on the internet or on a certificate, the logo conveys the same message: We have selected this property agent for their exceptional quality.

We choose Best Property Agents on the basis of criteria such as professionalism, market knowledge, experience, choice/variety of properties, and, in particular, quality of service. Both property buyers and sellers need a real-estate agent who can represent both their interests fairly, and offer sound advice. Many clients will only purchase a house, apartment, or property once in their lifetime. To join the exclusive group of Best Property Agents, companies must be able to provide expert answers to their concerns, give extensive advice and support, and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the transaction.

Best Property Agents must continuously prove their worth – because the accolade is only valid for one year. At the end of this period, the organisation is reassessed to decide whether it should receive a further certificate. This assumes that a member continues to work professionally, fairly and in compliance with Bellevue’s code of conduct. However, if the agent breaches the code, or there are other material irregularities or justifiable complaints, we reserve the right to remove the agent from the list, and to forbid use of the logo.

The Bellevue Best Property Agents initiative supports sustainable and high quality standards. In the long term, our goal is to compile a comprehensive list of the world’s top property agents and developers. That is not to say that the list is currently complete – there are, of course, many companies that deserve this accolade but are not yet known to us. Each year we set out to find professional, trustworthy agents and developers – so that we can continuously enhance our list, and help buyers and sellers find the agent that is right for them.

Companies can be recommended via references, or nominate themselves. Our list of Best Property Agents is an effective and reliable way of bringing together buyers, sellers and agents.

Source: Bellevue magzine