CCC-Immo presents itself in the new outfit!

The CCC sales office is:

  • C/ Vía Mallorca, 28 in E-07590 Cala Ratjada/Spain

There we will be happy to advise you in a modern and larger ambience in the usual competent way around the topic of property purchase and sale.




                                                                  CCC long-term leasing, financing and insurance is at the current location:

  • C/ Magallanes, 27 B · E-07590 Cala Ratjada

Here you will find a detailed description of how to get there.

Both CCC-addresses remain valid:
Phone +34 971 566 178 · Mobile +34 687 063 227 · Fax: +34 971 566 529 ·


We look forward to seeing you!