"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it." 

Halford E. Luccock


Anke Köhler Managing DirectorAnke Köhler business card

"I love doing a varied and demanding job, growing with every challenge, having success and working together with interesting people. The best about this job is feeling the joy of clients after a successful appointment with the notary and celebrating this. After completion of my real estate and business management studies in Germany, I dreamed about leading my very own company. Today, I am so happy that I can practice my dream job on such a fantastic island like Mallorca!"


"Since 01.10.2018 I have been the managing director of CCC.The challenge to further expand the company and is not only fun, it's also fun to reinforce it on the most beautiful.
Being allowed to do business on the island of the world motivates us anew every day. A team of to have highly motivated employees behind me completes the whole thing!
I am very happy that together with my wife, I have been able to that they've moved the center of their lives to the island."



Angela Mäthner Assistant CEOAngela Mäthner Business Card

"With my first step, I ventured towards a new future. Because since January 2018 I am part of the great CCC team of Anke Köhler. I am very happy about this and I see a future full of new challenges to master. A future in which I can develop my working and personal skills in a wonderful working environment. I'm excited, motivated and looking forward to meet many new people."



Beate Dischner Real Estate AgentBeate Dischner business card

"Since 2016 I reinforce the team of CCC-Immobilien in Sales and real estate consulting. Helping people to find their dream property, especially the personal contact to each of them, is what makes so much fun in this job and impresses me every time. I immediately realised Anke Koehler's friendly and highly motivated way of leading the company. CCC-Immmobilien gives me the opportunity to evolve and to constantly further educate myself to ensure the best all-round service for our clients."


Marisa Cabrer-Klemme AdministrationMarisa Cabrer Klemme business card

"Since February 2015 I am part of the CCC team. I love working here because the great communication, the trustful teamwork and the well-functioning organisation give me self-confidence. My boss supports me whenever I need the liberty to create, to improvise and to be entrepreneurial so that my job is a place where I can rise. The variety of tasks doesn't allow any monotony. Being part of something big that makes the difference makes me feeling spirited. Last but not least, the most important is that CCC does have a positive aura."


Fiorella Molina Property ManagerFiorella Molina business card

"I like my work at CCC-Immobilien because I do the exact work that fits with me and that makes fun. I was lucky finding a company where everyone has fun at work and everyone introduces his own strength so that we are able to provide the best service for our clients. We work passionately, just as our boss, Anke Koehler, who leads the company very well. Our teamwork is our strength and as a team we can achieve excellent results."


 Christine Yazdan Property ManagerChristine Yazdan business card

"Since more than 20 years I advise and accompany both buyers and owners, and still I am very pleased to make both sides satisfied and happy with my personal commitment. Since end of 2017 I am happy to be part of the marvellous CCC-team and this very professional company. The close contact to our customers, the professional and friendly handling and the warm atmosphere within our team, fills my heart with motivation and gives me immense joy in my work. In fact I can say: I am living my dream!"


Gloria Mendez Sales AssistantGloria Mendez business card

"Since April 2017 I am part of this great team around our boss Anke Koehler at CCC-Immobilien. I am very happy to be able to support this team with full engagement. The variety of tasks makes a lot of fun! Every day I am pleased about new challenges that wait for our team and me."


Anke Köhler