Who has fallen in love with a property in Mallorca would, of course, that it is nurtured and cared for with passion and care. Proud new owner as well as long-term property owners can take immediately the CCC-happy-home-service: A full professional team takes good care to preserve the value of your property with regular visits to air, including maintenance checks, home, garden, cleaning, repair and pool service. On request, we will coordinate reconstruction and renovation works.

Thus the Mallorca stay in their own four walls of the first second to rest at the highest level, there are the hopping service and hotline available. Of course, part of a comprehensive service package which also help with administrative tasks like applying for a telephone and Internet connection, buying a car or dealing with public authorities.

With fantasy and ideas you give your new property a new outfit how you like it.
CCC-Happy-Home-Service is at your side to to modernize and beautify your property!

As versatile and flexible as life, so is the service of CCC - your reliable partner on the subject of life and living in Mallorca!