News March 2017

It is not to be overlooked - the spring has arrived in Mallorca! True to the motto
"Summer, sun, sunshine, moon - the most beautiful house on Mallorca is perhaps yours soon!"
we cordially welcome you to our newsletter for March 2017!


  • Never ending story – tourist accommodation …

CCC-Immo was at the experts' lecture for you to answer your questions about holiday rentals.
In short - There are two types of rental:

1. Short term rental:

  • Basis: national housing leasing law
  • Excludes tourist rental
  • Allowed in any residential building

2. Tourist rentals:

  • Basis: regional tourism law. There are different regulations for tourist rentals in the Spanish regions. CCC-Immorefers exclusively to the regulations of the Balearic
  • Islands in connection with the holiday rental and the tourism law.
  • Allowed in detached houses and under certain conditions even in terraced houses
  • Classified as a commercial activity, resulting in a tax liability
  • Requires the approval of the Ministry of Tourism and a liability insurance
  • Rental to one and the same guest max. for 2 months
  • Touristic” means: The property is offered via internet portals, which suggest holiday accommodations. In addition, services are provided such as are customary
  • in the hotel industry and required by law (e.g., cleaning during the rental period, provision of bed linen/towels, replenishing of consumables such as
    hygiene/cleaning articles)

For further information do not hesitate to contact us:
phone: +34 971 566 178 · mobile: +34 687 063 227 · E-Mail: info@ccc-immo.com


  • Success story

This is how fast it can be … and with CCC-Immo your property is sold in no time!
Example: Idyllic finca with pool in Sant LLorenç des Cardassar

CCC-Immo got the offer on the 9th of January 2017 on its table - and after that the run began on this property ... Almost daily visits took place. The effort should be
worthwhile, because exactly four weeks later the option purchase contract was signed by the new owner! And on March 24th 2017 was the appointment with
the notary!

If everything is right, the CCC best price strategy is taking place!
Are you interested in our best price strategy? So please contact us:
phone: +34 971 566 178 · mobile: +34 687 063 227 · E-Mail: info@ccc-immo.com


  • How do you recognize a reputable real estate broker?

As in all sectors, there are also "black sheep" in the real estate sector. Anyone who does not wish to come across one of the numerous real estate agents in Majorca,
whose exact number is unknown, should take a close look at the chosen broker.

In short - this distinguishes a good, reputable broker:

For prospective customers:

  • The broker has a landline phone number
  • The broker will respond quickly to your request
  • The broker has a company address / office address
  • The broker is well organized
  • The broker informs you regularly about new offers and current topics
  • The broker can explain the purchase process by heart
  • The broker has a good network, "he’s well known"
  • The broker has a meaningful exposé and promptly supplies further documents to the object
  • The broker can prove professional experience
  • Discussions are not held in the café or restaurant, but in the office
  • The agent runs a well-groomed car (it does not have to be a luxury car in Mallorca, but should be clean and well-kept)
  • The broker holds appointments and communicates reliably

For sellers:

  • The broker knows his market by heart
  • The broker takes you seriously
  • The broker explains how he works
  • The broker requests all details of the property
  • The broker gives tips for better selling
  • The broker is well organized
  • The broker will make a written sales order with you
  • The broker can show references
  • The broker can justify the valuation of your property
  • The broker has strategies and a business model
  • The broker has an attractive, decent office: your documents are in good hands
  • The broker works success- and solution-oriented

Now make up your own mind. In this sense …

… pleasant anticipation for the summer and a lot of fun with our real estate offers
wishes yours
Anke Köhler

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  • Fresh wind …

... was blowing on Majorca in the last 4 weeks!
... is also blowing actually on our website!

To poke is worthwhile: Have fun exploring interesting topics, tips and news about Majorca real estate - and more ...!


  • "Normal" anyone can!

You should read this exceptional exposé ...

If star designers arrange large German daily newspapers, football professionals make advertising for digital media, CCC-Immo can also use a particular text genre for an object exposé. Read here and enjoy yourself!


  • Water scarcity on Majorca ...

... is hardly to be expected in the coming summer season 2017:

The winter of 2015/16 was too dry, this year has given the island more water than it can handle! Accompanied by ongoing storms and by unusual cold for Majorca, the earth has sucked with water. In barrier lakes and holding reservoirs water had to be drained to protect dams. Weekly failures of the Internet and telephone lines were / are accompanying phenomena of these storm fronts, which didn’t pass on us without a trace.

For more information, read on here and here.


The good news: The next summer will come! Get in touch with our real estate offers!
Have fun, yours

Anke Köhler

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News January 2017-2

We are looking for long-term rental properties for more than 150 interested parties!

Do you have a property on Mallorca which is vacant? Or your long-term tenant will leave soon? Would you like to welcome a (new) long-term tenant?

CCC-Immo is an expert for arranging long-term rental properties in Majorca. Our solvent European customers are looking for fincas, houses, apartments between 600 €
and 5,000 € per month!!!

With long-term rental you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Reduce your maintenance and operating costs regarding vacancy
  • Generate regular monthly income
  • Give up the stress with holiday rental! No work expenses and no more costs with guests checking in and out and final cleaning! Slow down.
  • The mediation of reliable long-term rental is FREE for owners.

You don’t feel involved? Your family, friends, friends, neighbors or colleagues may be happy about a good tip! Please forward our message or contact us.
Thank you so much!

Heartfelt greetings, your
Team of CCC-Immo

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News January 2017-1

Wellcome in 2017!

… here it is again, our popular CCC-Newsletter! Once a month, you will receive interesting news about real estate, Majorca, CCC-Immo-news as well as our latest real estate offers,
which should not be missed.

  • We are glad!

CCC-Immo has been awarded the Bellevue Best Property Agent 2017 for the fifth time in a row. We are starting highly motivated in the new year. Thanks for the award! We are very proud!

  • ATTENTION - To all owners! Rent your property permanently!

Solvente customers are looking for apartments, houses and fincas for permanent rental. An unused property suffers. "Give your home new life" by a long-term tenant. Renting reduces your operating costs and generates additional revenue. By the way, the mediation of a long-term tenant is FREE for the owner. Contact us!

  • Who hasn’t one, who still needs one?

The popular CCC-wall calendar 2017 can be opened and printed on our Homepage. In our office, a few copies are still available.


Have fun, yours
Anke Köhler

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