Why is (long-term) rental with CCC the best choice?


Although the market for long-term rental is currently tight (so there is greater demand than available offers), CCC-Immo has set itself the goal of becoming the first address for the interests and the owner of the region of Majorca northeast. With the same high quality standards we place on the sale of real estates, we also want to provide properties for long-term rental.

With great motivation, we are continuing to expand this business segment, so that

  •     Owner immediately find the suitable, solvent long-term tenant and the phase of the vacancy is kept as short as possible
  •     you don't have to search for a suitable property for a long time

When arranging rental agreements, we pay attention to all details so that both parties have a good feeling. We take care of the conversion of electricity, gas and water connections and help the tenant with topics on the move.

Owner please note: for more than 150 registered tenants we are looking for properties for long-term rent!
Apartment, terraced house, villa or finca - the budget ranges from 600 euros to 5,000 euros per month.

Please contact us:
Tel. +34 971 566 178 , via eMail: info@ccc-immo.com, via contact form or via questionnaire